LDF partnered with Society for Public Education Cultural Training and Rural Action (SPECTRA), a non-governmental social developmental organisation focused towards community development and women empowerment in June 2013. Ratakhurd, a socio-economic deprived gram panchayat of Kisangarh Bas block in Alwar district, Rajasthan was chosen for the area of intervention and a project with the aim to develop Ratakhurd as a Model Gram Panchayat was initiated.

The project was designed as a umbrella program which focused on holistic development of the entire population [1240 Households] of the panchayat and intended to bring all round developmental changes in their lives.

A flagship program “Empowering Women Self Help Groups and Enhancing Livelihood” was initiated in 2014-15 with the identified 310 Ultra-Poor households of Ratakhurd Gram Panchayat.

The program aimed at increasing household income and improving standard of living of the target population through creation of women Self Help Groups (SHGs). The other major components of the program included capacity building, financial inclusions, livelihood intervention, enterprise development and convergence for the target population.


LDF went into tripartite partnership with Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF), a voluntary non-profit organisation which supports to empower the underserved communities, especially women living in rural remote areas by engaging women in carpet making and SPECTRA in 2014-15, to enhance livelihood opportunities for people and increase their annual income. Carpet making looms were established and people received carpet making training by JRF. LDF took care of the stipend cost for all the trainees during their three months training period.

LDF tripartite partnership with Heifer International and SPECTRA in 2015-16 was the most transformative point which brought significant changes in life of people in Kishangarh Bas and Umren block of Alwar district. This partnership brought in fold 2400 families of 63 villages and connected them to goat rearing livestock program.


The success of the program was measured under the 11 pillars as follows:

  • Institution Building
    • Financial Linkage

    • Credit Usage

    • Livelihood

    • Agriculture

    • Dairy Development

    • Sustainable Livestock Developmental Project (SLDP)

    • Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) development

    • Convergence

    • Household Assets

    • Education

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