Anita’s Transformation into Being the Torch-Bearer of Development

Anita is a 24-year-old woman from Panchayat in Bublafala village, Bhudar cluster. The village falls under Rajasthan’s Udaipur district. Anita lives in a family of four, with her husband Hajaram, and her in-laws. Anita was facing a lot of troubles in gaining employment to help her family financially. That’s exactly where our SHG (Self Help Group) came into picture and helped change Anita’s life for the better.

Her family owns half-an-acre land in the panchayat.Several households of her village had paid a registration fee of rupees 300 to the panchayat, so as to get work sanctioned for themselves. Paying money for every other work was a usual affair in the village. But for Anita, even after submitting all the required documents to the panchayat office, she received no positive response from there. The only source of information for Anita and others like her is the panchayat office and the authenticity of the information is not reliable. The Panchayat was constantly approached for getting the work done but it paid no attention, and Anita’s problems remained unsolved.


But exactly when Anita’s problems seemed to have no solution whatsoever, our SHG program came to her rescue. The Convergence program of the government was introduced in the Mandvafala panchayat, wherein Self-Help Groups for women were formed and work like cattle shed construction and land levelling was made available for the villagers. In the land levelling scheme, the village land which was earlier unfit for farming was evened out after which not only the land’s fertility has increased but the prices of the land have also gone up.


In March (2017) Anita applied for work with the SHG and within one month her request was accepted. She, along with two other members of her family, got work under the Government’s scheme and cattle shed construction. The best part of the scheme is that Anita and her fellow villagers can now get work in their own villages. Now because of this, they can be a part of their own village’s development and at the same time also get paid for the work. The transparency in SHGs helped Anita to know every work undertaken by the group, including details like the budget of the project to the materials that would be distributed and the commencement and finishing of the work.

Thanks to our SHG program, Anita now gets justly paid for her work and is employed throughout the year, unlike before when she had to pay to get some work from the panchayat which was ultimately never provided. This solved all of Anita’s financial problems.

Now, Anita and others get loan at a very nominal rate of interest for their livelihood purposes. SHGs in Mandvafala have paved a way for increased transparency and efficiency along with achieving the broader objective of women empowerment. Due to being part of the SHGs, Anita and other women of her village are not just members but torch-bearers of the development work in their village. Through Anita and other women’s efforts, now they not have become self-reliant, but they are also inspiring other women in their village, and contributing to the community’s development and growth as well.