Partnership with Rajasthan Govt 


Letz Dream Foundation partnered with Rajasthan Grameen Aajeevika Vikas Parishad (RGAVP) Program in 2016. The partnership was started with the aim to bring about sustainable social impact in the rural areas of Rajasthan. Under this collaboration, LDF's Custer Program Managers (CPMs) are working in 14 blocks and 10 districts of Rajasthan.

Since the Rajasthan Government’s fiscal allocation for welfare activities has increased by about 40% in the last 3 years to well over Rs. 11,000 crore , public resources management has become the cornerstone of development in the state, mirroring the national trend. The CLFs (Women Cluster level federations) are the first line, structured units of development, each working with about 3000 women  Each CLF leverages Government resources in order to encourage greater participation of women in livelihood activities to result in upliftment of the rural economy.

In order to ensure consistent last mile reach and fill the human resource gap, LDF and RGAVP partnered in July 2016 to assist the work of Cluster Level Federations (CLFs) strategically and help marginalised women to mobilise themselves formally as Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and Clusters in 10 districts of Rajasthan, engage in gainful livelihoods and pull themselves and their households out of poverty. In the project areas, we are developing the blocks as ‘Model Blocks’ which would demonstrate success and support other blocks in the same/other districts to implement similar programs.

The social mobilisation and galvanisation of women towards formidable social capital, is the bedrock of this program and is quintessential for the sustainability of their livelihoods.

LDF has placed one qualified young program manager to lead each of the 42 CLFs in the 10 districts. The CLF Program Manager (CPM) placed by LDF is effectively the resource manager of the CLF, responsible for the last mile effective reach of Government welfare program. Engaged as the only professional, the CPM oversees a team drawn from the community, building their capacities, advising the CLF board on livelihoods and business decisions, making CLF’s fund-ready and working along with Rajeevika to ensure timely disbursement of funds disbursement and timely deployment as per the plans at the CLF.