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When Baby realised her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur

Baby is a 26 year old woman living in Barta Village in Kaithal, Haryana. She is married to Randhir – a labourer – with 2 daughters. As a homemaker, she was entirely dependent on the income of her husband. However, it was increasingly getting difficult for her to manage the expenses of the household. Determined to change this situation, Baby decides to set up a small shop to increase her earnings.

“I wanted to set up a shop, however, I needed financial support for the same” shares Baby. She continues, “I had initially gone to a lot of Private Finance Agents and moneylenders. They were charging such high interest rates, that I could never avail a loan. I felt that my dream of setting up the shop is failing.”

It was at this point that a Community Resource Person told her about SHGs and the benefits of joining an SHG. Joining SHG has been a turning point in her life. To kickstart her bangle shop and a beauty parlour, she availed a loan of Rs 50,000 from the CIF from Yash Mahila Gram Sanghthan. In order to ensure quality service in her beauty parlour, Baby also took training from her friend who was an established beautician. Soon enough, the bangle shop gained popularity and started making profits. Her profit is approximately Rs 6000, however, during wedding season, she earns around Rs 8000.

“The income generated by the bangle shop I run has helped me tremendously! I feel financially independent and I am able to take care of the household expenses on my own” shares Baby. Talking about how the women in her village encouraged her, she says, “I am grateful the women in the SHG, CLF and the VO supported me in this process. The CLF and the VO has definitely played an important part in this success. If I had not been able to get loans at a lower interest, none of my dreams would have been fulfilled.”

Written by Christie Maria James, Asst. Manager, Communications

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