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Rural Women Entrepreneurs Earning More Through Income Diversification

Geeta, a 40 – year old resident of Tatiana village in Kaithal district, lives with her family comprising of her husband and two sons. Her husband is a plumber and she was working as a labourer for a meagre sum of Rs. 500 per day. With the financial situation dwindling at her household, the Community Resource Person (CRP) suggested Geeta to join an SHG. Even though initially, her family didn’t support her decision, with her husband’s support, she became a part of the SHG Sitaram.

Once she joined the SHG, she took her first loan of Rs. 10,000 from Revolving Fund for personal expenses. Another loan of Rs. 25,000 was availed from CIF for delivery of her child and a third loan of Rs. 40,000 for helping her husband set up a tile shop. Later, she took two more loans for Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 50,000 respectively to help her husband set up his shop.

Soon enough, Geeta started set-up her own tailoring centre. “I was very happy to see the tailoring centre run smoothly. I was so inspired by it that I decided to start my own general shop. After that I also dreamt of setting up of a beauty parlour and I did it!” exclaims an excited Geeta. Presently her monthly earning is around Rs. 8000-10000.

Geeta has been an inspiration to many women who are walking on the path paved by her. Many women are now being trained by Geeta and have started their own enterprises. In fact, after joining the SHG, Geeta’s life has seen tremendous positive impact. Not only has the economic condition of her household improved, her children have also started going to school.

Moreover, Geeta has started to be active part in attending trainings and workshop which has improved her personality and developed professional skills. Geeta shares “Before this, I was never able to understand calculations and was in fact scared of mathematics as a subject! However, since the time I have been a part of the trainings, I have learnt about all the calculations and am confident that I have all the skills needed to be an entrepreneur.” Her next step is to involve all the women in bangle making and start a business.

Written by Christie Maria James, Asst Manager, Communications

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