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From Homemaker to Entrepreneur: Jasvinder's Journey

Jasvinder, a 35-year-old homemaker has been residing with her husband and her six-year-old son in Bhuna village, Kaithal district, Haryana. Her husband owned a small shop and that was their only source of income. Even though Jasvinder expressed her desire to work and earn, she was discouraged, and no support was given to her dreams of being employed.

Jasvinder soon decided to become a part of a SHG. “It took some time to convince my husband and my family. They were initially reluctant but finally let me be a part of the SHG group. Since there were other women in the group, it became easy for me to persuade them”, shares Jasvinder. She started her journey as Village Facilitator of SHG and earned Rs. 800 per month. She was further encouraged by the HSRLM staff and the LDF associates to work as a Bank Sakhi in the cluster. In October 2018 she facilitated in opening 48 bank accounts, helped the community members and other SHGs avail 30 bank loans of Rs. 5 lakh, 10 bank loans of Rs. 2 lakh, and 5 loans for one lakh.

Along with being a Bank Sakhi, she was also involved in her part time business of tailoring and also facilitated in trainings and workshops whenever required. She believes that this intervention has helped her grow as a person as she shares, “I don’t think I am a confident person and therefore never thought of addressing a crowd. However, associates from Letz Dream Foundation gave me a morale boost! They have always been encouraging and because of them I could conduct trainings for so many people!” She has conducted two trainings for book-keeping as a Village Facilitator in Kaithal and two trainings as Bank Sakhi in Karnal.

Currently, she supports her family with her added income which has resulted in improvement in the economic conditions of her family and the household. The household income has now increased to Rs. 12,000 per month.

Jasvinder has been successful in breaking geographical boundaries that were set for her. She has started travelling out of the village to attend trainings and workshop which has led to a tremendous improvement in her personality and has also given a boost to her confidence. In fact, she is now an inspiration to many women in her village. She hopes to start her own Beauty Parlour in her village to support her family and thereby fulfilling her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

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