Participatory effective governance results in enhanced access of funds leading to increased income by Rs 72000 annually  

Our collaboration with HSRLM systemised processes enabling financial stability of community led institutions along with easy and increased access to funds for women in rural areas of Haryana. The project aimed at encouraging investment in income generating activities by creating an access to funds.

Joint efforts with HSRLM were initiated to streamline processes in accordance with National Rural Livelihood Mission’s (NRLM) mandate. Our extensive research revealed that utilisation of Community Investment Funds (CIF) were not channelised into income generating activities thereby resulting in late repayment or no repayment of loans.


This intervention encouraged behavioural changes through training and ensured that CIF loans were utilised for livelihood/income generating activities. As a result of proper institution building and strengthening of processes, this increase in investment in specific activities resulted in increased income leading to timely repayment of loans by the community. Doubling farmer’s income by 2022 has been the Indian government’s aim and we stand strongly with it.


To achieve this, HSRLM-LDF partnership focussed on strengthening Cluster Level Federations (CLFs) in order to create an ecosystem for long term sustainability of these institutions. Focus is given to establishing CLFs as they are the first line, structured units of development, each working with about 3000 women or households. Priority was given to improving efficiencies of CLFs to make them financially independent while introducing diversified livelihood opportunities to achieve the vision of enhancing income by Rs 72000 of the community. Focus was on creating participatory, effective, and responsive CLFs.


Cementing a strong foundation of these institutions would motivate women farmers to access these funds and utilise them by investing in agriculture, livestock, goat rearing – all part of their livelihood activities. Investing in these activities garners them more income.

In the past 2 years CLF Corpus jumped from 8 crores in March 2018 to 24 crores in March 2020. With a 207% increase in CLF corpus, 81% SHGs received CIF by September 2020 as compared to 31% in March 2018, effectively leveraging 30 crores from the government. This powerful partnership resulted in increased accessibility of funds to the community by 58.73% from March 2018 to September 2020.

Our belief in strengthening governance through evidence based action stands the test of time with ample corroboration from our intervention areas. Know more.