Husband-Wife Duo Sets an Example for The Entire Village: Glimpse of Prakash Devi & Sardaar Singh’s Inspiring Team Work 

Prakash Devi was a simple woman, married to Sardaar Singh in Khatwa Village, Badliya cluster, Anandpuri block, Banswara district, Rajasthan. She was struggling with finances when Ratneshwari CLF came to her rescue. Prakash Devi’s husband’s main source of income is to do daily wage labour in Ahmedabad farms, since its close to their village. And her husband’s income was not sufficient for the both of them to break free from poverty.
But now, since the inception of the SHG program in the block, Prakash Devi has been a regular member of it. After becoming an active member of Durga Self-Help Group (SHG), she borrowed a sum of Rs 12, 000 from the SHG and started a general store in the village. Income from the store lead to a positive change in Prakash Devi’s life, and she could now help her husband in increasing the income of their household.

Inspired by her first attempt of improving her livelihood, Prakash enrolled herself for becoming Krishi Sakhi in her village. Looking at her success, Prakash Devi’s husband also gradually started supporting her.   

Now, her husband also works with her in the village and supports her in the interventions taken by her. She also enrolled herself for the Poultry Village Program under which she received 30 chicks from the CLF, so that she could further enhance her livelihood.  In her own words, “one of the best decisions that I ever took was to join the Self-Help Group in my village. The SHG inspires and motivates women like me who have no support and guidance to improve their condition. It feels really great that there is a whole organization- Badliya CLF) which is dedicatedly working for our welfare.” Prakash Devi and her husband are continuously associated with the CLF and have improved their livelihood to a great extent.