Data and Impact Analyst

Job purpose

To oversee and analyze available data effectively and holistically, generate impact and data-centric project reports continually, and manage program database.

Description of Role

  • Perform in-depth analysis of data tracked through existing methods continuous basis to generate actionable insights regarding the program

  • Ensure consistent reporting (through impact documents) of data insights to track the progress of the program’s intervention

  • Understand research methodologies and formulate data collection tools (surveys, FGDs, trackers etc.)

  • Further develop and improve the existing database

  • Assist in implementing an effective monitoring and evaluation strategy for the program

  • Ensure consistent, high quality participant data is captured and documented

  • Monitor the database and work closely with the field coordinator in the field to ensure accurate input of information

  • Continually identify new data requirements and alternative tracking methods to improve consequent insight generation for further progress of the program

  • Serve to act as an effective representative for the data associated with the program


  • Minimum of two years experience in the gathering of evidence and the extrapolation of quantitative data and outcomes from existing data sources

  • Experience in undertaking qualitative and quantitative research methods and ability to analyze data for quasi experimental methods and randomized controlled trials

  • In-depth knowledge of evaluating projects, analysing project’s impact, and experience of developing and implementing evaluation strategies.

  • Experience in handling and working with large scale Government data metrics and parameters

Essential Qualifications

  • Bachelors or Masters degree in a related field (Engineering, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Public Policy etc.)

  • Thorough and advanced knowledge of data analysis on MS Excel

  • Well versed with statistical tools such as STATA, SPSS, R

  • Eager to take initiative and work independently

  • Willing to travel to the field for meetings/orientation/monitoring of data collection processes as an when required

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