With a strong belief in creating sustainable models for improved livelood and continuous development, LDF ensures that it supports organisations working towards the betterment of the rural and underserved community. We strive to maintain high standards of impact measurement. While we support all developmental causes, our core focus is to support organisations working towards poverty reduction through creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Who We Fund

  • Organisations which work towards (but not limited to) poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood development. 

  • Must have carried out successful projects in the social sector in the past, even on a small-scale. 

  • Should be registered non-profits that implement social development projects in India, with no political affiliations.

  • At least 50% of their beneficiaries must be economically underprivileged.

  • Must be unbiased in their beneficiary selection i.e. non-religious /apolitical.

  • Organisations which have the potential to grow and zeal to work in the social sector. 

  • Must have been in operation for the last 3 years.

Who We Don't Fund

LDF has a unified vision of poverty alleviation and to bring large scale social impact, however, we don’t fund and support:

  • ​Organisations which are for-profit entities

  • Individuals and for-profit businesses

  • Organisations that re-grant funding

  • Organisations affiliated to political parties

  • Organisations working for religious causes

  • Start up cost for a non-profit

  • Organisations which already have surplus funds to operate with


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