We are aware that innovative ideas cannot expand without meaningful partnerships. When faced with the ethical question of selecting our partners, we look at evidence and impact. We look at proof-of-concept models. We assess the cause and the need for intervention. We question ourselves if the intervention model will create a huge impact where its most needed and create an impact on maximum number of people. We look for and select our partners who mirror our rigour and passion to create social change.

Our grants are designed to test sustainable and scalable models for their ability to solve some of India’s more intractable problems including poverty, education, and health while co-creating a system of governance to ensure a smooth functioning of these models.


Aligning public governance tools and processes with broader objectives of policy making for inclusive growth can help governments deal with the complexities that go hand-in-hand with reconciling growth and inclusiveness     [OECD]



LDF realised that for impacting the lives of millions of disadvantaged Indians, we need to bridge the gap between non profits and the government. In one of the remotest areas of rural Rajasthan, Society for Public Education Cultural Training and Rural Action (SPECTRA) collectivized women into Self Help Groups, simultaneously systemizing processes. They introduced innovative livelihood strategies which saw a significant increase in the income of these women within a short span of time resulting in their monthly contribution to the SHG rise by 10X within five years. This communitisation also paved the way for improved access to finance, more income generating activities and contribution to family earnings resulting in improved social status for these women.

Pioneering the cause of delivering development solutions to the constituencies of the Members of Parliament (MP), Swaniti Initiative’s Supporting Parliamentarians in Analysis and Research of Constituency programme aimed at improving last mile public service delivery. With the purpose of promoting data driven governance as a catalyst for development at the grassroots level, an associate was placed with a Member of Parliament (MP) to strengthen the government levers and mechanisms to ensure effective implementation of government programs. Panning  three  states and nine constituencies, the programme bolstered local government structures while establishing accountability of elected representatives,with an 80x multiplier on our social investment!

Supporting Haryana State Rural Livelihood Mission towards effective governance at the grassroots level resulted in increasing access of funds for the community. Further, channelising these funds as investment towards livelihood assets resulted in doubling of their  income resulting in improved standard of living.      

Our partnership with Rajasthan Grameen Ajeevika Vikas Parishad focussed on institutionalising governance by creating 42 Cluster Level Federations, paving the way towards creation of efficient Cluster Level Federations. Creation of these CLFs led to financial stability and growth thereby increasing access to funds to the community leading to 50% increase in income of these families. 

Evidence of large scale changes continue to motivate us to select partners and projects that aim at maximum impact and mirror our vision of doing the very best. It reaffirms our belief in our partners and the strength of our partnerships.