Founded in 2006, Letz Dream Foundation (LDF) was set up as a philanthropic trust which endeavours to create maximum social impact across India in the most effective way. For this, we have developed a two-pronged approach to achieve sustainable development and reduce inequalities:

a) Partnership with Government and Government-run programmes and;

b) Funding support of non-profit grassroots organisations



Our work is aligned along with the following Sustainable Developmental Goals. 

This is undertaken to ensure maximum and scalable impact for the underserved population of our country. Our belief lies in empowering rural women as entrepreneurs and enhancing their income through sustainable livelihood options. As a social impact organisation, we believe in inclusive growth and maximum impact through leveraging government schemes. Therefore, strong emphasis is laid on research and advocacy. Our belief lies in making policy-level changes and thereby we hope to uplift the rural and underserved population of our country. 


We believe that the non-profit sector in India is filled with ambitious professionals who want to take their vision to greater heights. With the right support, they can increase their impact exponentially by tapping multiple funding sources. We collaborate with such non-profit organisations to help them identify the gaps in their programs and extend support through grants to enable them to scale their operations and reach their impact goals. Since 2007, we have collaborated with multiple organizations to help them reach more people through their programs.

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