About : Organization

LetzDream Foundation (LDF) was founded by a group of visionary technology & management experts who have been incubating innovative ventures both nationally and internationally.

Motivated by the passion to drive lasting change in the lives of people, LDF intends to build the capacities of the development sector and non-profits to enable them to bridge the outlay-outcome gap, which often poses a challenge to India's social endeavors.

LDF is a grantmaking Indian public trust which believes that holistic social development can be achieved primarily through collective efforts and effective planning. It believes in 'trigger funding' inclusive social interventions, that demonstrate greater access to upscale Programs and generate State partnerships – building a synergistic alliance between the non-profit organizations, the government, industry and the communities. The Foundation aims to facilitate the development process by driving resources through non-profit organizations and by strengthening their strategies to help them adapt more efficient and impact-driven models of development.

Besides grants, LDF provides its partner NPOs with technical support, which enables the organizations to harness their unique strengths and develop innovative programs to bring about sustainable positive change. The Foundation believes in strict adherence to transparency and accountability protocols by its partner NPOs. To achieve this, LDF actively assists the partner organizations to monitor their projects using robust quality frameworks, thus helping them to reach their goals and achieve meaningful and measurable results.

About : Team

Vikrant Bhargava
Vikrant Bhargava

A thought leader in online consumer marketing, Mr. Vikrant Bhargava was the Group Marketing Director of PartyGaming Plc, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. He left PartyGaming in early 2006 and set up Veddis Ventures, a venture capital organization. He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (1994) and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (1996). In addition to being a Trustee of LDF, he has also been actively participating in various other social and philanthropic ventures.

MBL Bhargava
M.B. L. Bhargava

A philanthrophist and social worker, Mr M. B. L. Bhargava has provided funding support and free advisory services to many organizations. As one of the Trustees, he is actively involved with the operations of LDF. After completing his B.E. from BITS Pilani, he had a long career spanning 38 years in the cement industry. He served at various senior positions before he retired in 2005 and has since been actively involved with various non-profit organizations.

RM Kunzru
R. M. Kunzru

Mr. R. M. Kunzru has actively contributed in the growth of LetzDream Foundation as one of the Trustees. After completing his education from IIT Kharagpur in 1967, he worked with various companies including Modi Industries, ACC Ltd and Asahi Glass. He had a successful career and retired as Board Director of Asahi Glass in 2004. Since his retirement, he has been involved with various developmental works.

Charudutta Panigrahi

Mr. Charudutta is the Director of LetzDream Foundation. He possesses over eighteen years of experience in the development sector in India and other countries. He has been working with the government in various partnerships and advisory bodies. He holds degrees in Commerce, Management and Law. Aside from his involvement in development programs, he has also been a thought leader for several health and education sector policies in India.


About : News

LDF's partner- Snehalaya was featured in Satyamev Jayate on Star Plus

Snehalya, our partner organization, was featured in Amir Khan's show Satyamev Jayate. The organization, which focuses primarily in the empowerment of sexually exploited women and children from disadvantaged communities, has received considerable funds due to Amir Khan's public appeal to support the organization.


LDF at Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation’s (BRLF) Colloquium

LDF was invited to attend the first Stakeholders' Colloquium on 27th April 2012 and actively participated in strategic planning for the innovative initiative, the Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation (BRLF). Major donor agencies, NGOs, Government representatives (MoRD and Planning Commission) and other stakeholders from across the country were present at the Colloquium.


Neelima Mishra honored with Magsaysay Award

Neelima Mishra, the founder of BNGVN and LDF’s long standing partner, received the Megsaysay Award for her incredible work at the community level in Jalgaon. LDF congratulates Neelima for her dedicated work.


Educate Girls (EG) featured in IPF & TEDxASB

Educate Girls, our partner, working on improving gender equality in the Indian education sector through innovative interventions, was recently featured in the Indian Philanthropy Report 2012 published by Bain & Company. The founder and Chief Executive Director of EG, Safina Hussain was invited to speak, to an audience of international educators, about the issues faced by adolescent girls in India and the need for goverment school rejuvenation at The Indian Philanthropy Forum's (IPF) Annual Conference in March 2012 organized by Dasra and TEDxASB


LDF signs MoU with HPPI, MSGDJSN and RCDC

On 29th March 2012, Letzdream Foundation (LDF ) signed an MoU with Matashree Gomati Devi Jan Sewa Nidhi ( MSGDJSN ) and agreed to provide grant support to the non profit's project titled “Livelihood Promotion of Rural Community through Dairy Program”. The project aims to achieve sustainable livelihood of rural Communities through Dairy activity with better Animal Rearing Practices in the Villages of Rajgarh Block, Alwar district.

On 1st May 2012, Letzdream Foundation ( LDF ) signed an MoU with Regional Center for Development Cooperation ( RCDC ) and agreed to provide grant support to the non profit's project titled “Enabling communities to manage local governance, resources and create opportunities for a better and qualitative living in 8 Gram Panchayats of Jharigam Block in Nabarangpur District”.

Letzdream Foundation ( LDF ) signed an MoU with Humana People To People India ( HPPI ) and agreed to provide grant support to the non-profit's project titled “Women Empowerment Through Promotion of Livelihood Group in Rajasthan”. The project aims to work towards the development of households through the empowerment of women in some of the most backward areas of Alwar District - in 68 villages of Behror and Neemrana blocks in Alwar District.


LDF organized an Agriculture Based Livelihood Workshop in Alwar

Letzdream Foundation (LDF) organized the “Agriculture Based Livelihood” Workshop in the office of the Dy. Director, Agriculture at Alwar on 1st February 2012. Sri Chote Lal Yadav, Assistant Director, Agriculture, presided over the meeting and lent his invaluable and detailed inputs on the sector. The workshop provided an in-depth and detailed explication of the issues regarding agriculture and proposed effective measures for agricultural development such as activation of farmers’ clubs, water harvesting, organic farming, protective cultivation and creating marketing linkages for farmers.


LDF fosters an inclusive development alliance in Alwar

LDF conducted a dissemination meeting to develop an inclusive development alliance and encourage a model district approach in Alwar, on 19th January 2012. LDF shared a rapid assessment study of the district with NPOs, government line departments, civil society groups and other stakeholders from Alwar District present. The meeting successfully laid down the broad contours of interventions in Alwar district and the representatives of the various organizations acknowledged to have theme based workshops spearheaded by LDF.


Mission & Vision



Enabling civil society organisations and enhancing their human and financial capabilities to achieve consistency and scale in interventions to impact reduction in poverty and inequality.



A peaceful world where everyone lives a life with dignity and the practice of basic rights and equal opportunities to foster sustainable development of individuals, communities and nations.


LDF catalyzes the development process by 'trigger funding' non-profits to upscale sustainable programs and aims at fostering States’ partnerships through its three major program domains.

Youth Livelihood Development Program (YLDP)

Programs under YLDP empower youths, specially youths from disadvantaged backgrounds, with employability skills to ensure that they gain a sustainable source of income.

LDF works closely with the government, NGOs, quasi-government agencies, and other similar bodies to invest in projects that will effectively reduce poverty, increase gainful employment and improve the Human Development Indices of the region. The selected projects should offer young people the opportunity to gain new skills or improve existing ones, ensuring sustainable, gainful employment and increasing their access to market-oriented products and services.


Integrated Development Program (IDP)

IDP integrates and aligns public resources to address the primary, social and developmental needs of communities and households in a specific geography, e.g, a District.

It is an integrated development model where the resources of civil societies and government are aligned to address the various primary social and developmental needs of individuals & communities in Alwar district of Rajasthan. This approach addresses the social and economic challenges of a developing society by establishing a multi-level partnership between non-profit organizations, civil societies, social entrepreneurs and government bodies. It seeks to mobilize systemic transformations by integrating government policies to expedited financial, social and technological solutions and create an enabling environment to foster innovations, forge partnerships and build networks.


Boutique Programs (BP)

BP supports organizations that have been pursuing innovative programs despite a lack of funds or adequate personnel. It is an initiative to extend developmental assistance to innovative projects from across the country.

LDF acknowledges the laudable efforts of NGOs across the nation to reach out to people living in deficiency and difficulty and believes that it is significant to support such NGOs to assist them in pursuing their innovative developmental projects.

LDF catalyzes innovation, not only by providing funds but, by extending organizational support to enhance the efficiency and productivity of NGOs with new ideas, methods and models that can achieve lasting developmental results. It is also important that these innovative approaches should have a direct and transformative impact on the marginalized sections of the community and have the potential to scale up significantly in the region so that they can be replicated elsewhere.

When innovation is supported and learning is shared, development activities have the potential to improve the lives of many. We at LDF are working towards bringing significant changes in the lives of the deprived and marginalized through innovative & structured work.

Our Partners


BNGVN, founded by Ms Neelam Mishra, the recipient of the prestigious Magsaysay Award, is an organization which encourages collective action to promotes the livelihood of farmers by financing investments which substantially increase their income.
LDF supports Bhagini Nivedita Gramin Vigyan Niketan (BNGVN) and Agriculture Finance Corporation Ltd (AFC) to extend financial support to over 100 distressed farmers in Jalgaon and Dhule, Maharashtra, enabling them to become social entrepreneurs.


Educate Girls is a non-profit organization with an eponymous mission - improving female enrollment, retention and academic performance to eradicate gender equality in India's educational system. The organization follows a comprehensive educational reform model through which it intends to improve access to quality education by leveraging existing community and government resources. On a broader scale, EG hopes to bring about behavioral, social and economic transformation so that children from under-served communities have greater access to quality education.
LDF has supported EG in initiatives to encourage and recognize the government school teachers for their work.


HPPI approach involves creating holistic development through the implementation of its projects that aim at transferring knowledge, skills and capacity to individuals and communities that need assistance to come out of poverty and other dehumanizing conditions. The organization's projects cover different development areas such as Livelihood, Microfinance, Skill Development, Primary Education, to name a few.
LDF supports an innovative program of HPPI of organizing Women Livelihood Groups (WLGs) to promote the livelihood of poor women farmer households in Neemrana and Behror blocks, in Alwar district of Rajasthan. This project looks at inclusive agricultural development by introducing innovative methods of farming and irrigation to improve crop and vegetable productivity within these two blocks in Alwar district. Moreover, Women Livelihood Groups (WLGs) will be organized and linked to the existing resources, information and technical support to leverage government schemes and projects and access markets by forging strong linkages.


JDT is a non-profit organization which runs a literacy program through its residential school known as Disha. The school empowers children from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing mainstream education, residential facility, healthcare, extra curricular activities, entertainment and developing their entrepreneurial skills.
LDF supports JDT towards making education accessible to disadvantaged children.


Lok Kalyan Samiti is a non-profit organization which has mobilized free healthcare to the deprived, since its was founded in 1952 . It started its successful and ongoing cataract elimination campaign in 1975 through it hospital which was flagged off by the late Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Today, LKS has emerged as an effective eye care center and has earned the reputation of 'a poor man's eye hospital'.
LDF supported LKS for their initiatives to assist the cataract patients.


MSGDJSN is a non-profit organization engaged in a holistic rural community development program which includes spearheading growth in agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy development, rural industries as well as community health & education Program, social & infrastructure development Program and promotion of Self Help Groups (SHGs ) to enable women empowerment .
LDF supports MSGDJSN's innovative dairy development project of promoting livelihood opportunities of marginalized families in the Rajgarh block of Alwar district.


Parivaar is a humanitarian service organization, based in based in 24 Parganas (S), West Bengal, working towards the upliftment of disadvantaged children. The major achievements of the organization has been in providing all-round care and development, through its ashram, to orphans, young girls and abandoned and extremely impoverished children from rural areas, who are vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.
LDF supported Parivaar to build a boy’s residential school and a girl’s educational institution.


Pratham is one of the largest non-profits working in the primary education sector. With the support of UNICEF and Mumbai Municipal Corporation in 1994, Pratham started as an organization carrying out interventions in the slums of Mumbai. Today, the mother organization Pratham Mumbai Education Initiative looks after strategy, planning, and implementation, while its network of several autonomous organizations created locally by a mix of former administrators, businessmen, and inspired individuals, are creating social developments to bring about lasting and large-scale change.
LDF supported Pratham’s 'Read Rajasthan' Program, which aims to increase the learning levels of children and involve the community in their local schools. The Program has evolved into a comprehensive three year Program in collaboration with the Government of Rajasthan.


Prerana is a non-profit organization, which has been carrying out interventions to end the malaise of human trafficking in the red light area of Mumbai, since 1986. The organization provides protection as well as post-rescue services to these women and children in the form of legal assistance, rehabilitation and social integration. On a broader scale, Prerana campaigns for the empowerment of victimized women through advocacy and lobbying at policy levels for administrative reforms. They also generate greater social awareness through documentation, sensitization, training and networking.
LDF has contributed towards improving many of Prerana’s projects.


Regional Centre for Development Cooperation is a non-profit organization, headquartered at Bhubaneswar, in Odisha, India. The organization, popularly known as RCDC, is one of the premier research and policy advocacy institutions of the country working on natural resource management in the non-government sector; and is engaged in field interventions such as enterprise development and ensuring sustainable forest-based livelihoods.
LDF supports RCDC's program to enhance the skills and capacities of tribal, dalit, women and other backward communities as well as enable the entitlements of these communities and groups through accountable governance, delivery of services, social security and implementation of developmental projects.


Snehalaya is a non-profit organization working in the 14 Tehsils of Ahmednagar district, in Maharashtra. The organization's main focus has been to provide relief support to women engaged in prostitution and disadvantaged children from the slums in the Ahmendnagar district as well as helping HIV/AIDS victims. Through its residential rehabilitation project, it provides shelter to sexually exploited women and provides education to children from underprivileged communities in these areas.
LDF has contributed to various Snehalaya projects and has recently invested in its infrastructure to help improve the lives of its beneficiaries.


Samaj Pragati Sahyog is a non-profit organization which provides livelihood support and security to rural communities by developing agricultural bodiversity and implementing watershed development strategies. It further empowers farmers from these communities by creating micro-finance opportunities.
LDF provided grant support to micro-finance program of SPS which empowers farmers by creating strong SHG-bank linkage and integrating the SHG programs with livelihood projects.

LDF has also supported several other organizations like Sanskaar Shiksha Samiti, Nishachay, Jan Swasthya Sahyog, Society For Enlightenment Of Economically Deprived (SEED) in their various endeavors.

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Career : Internship

We offer internship opportunities to dedicated individuals, students and volunteers who are seeking to make a change in the lives of people.

Gurgaon, Haryana / Alwar, Rajasthan /Project Locations of Partner Non-profit organizations spread across India.

About LetzDream Foundation (LDF)

LDF is a grant making non-profit organization that supports civil organizations in India and provides fund assistance towards capacity enhancement and resource development of the partner organizations. It is our constant endeavour to seek innovative and impactful programs, which demonstrate shared democratic values and mutual interest in combating key national challenges.

Value of Internship to the LDF

LDF expects value addition in the following areas:

  • Improved capacity of LDF to collate, assimilate and analyze data.
  • Increased efficiency in program delivery by the partner organizations.
  • Qualitative and quantitative improvements in LDF’s development assistance in India.
Value of the internship to the Intern

The intern will get an opportunity to learn about the socio-economic development in India- the social structures, government initiatives, plan imperatives and grassroots level implementation of various development programs. They will get to visit various projects and wwill be expected to contribute with their valuable inputs in terms of research and documentations.

Interns are benefitted with weekly one-on-one supervision which provides opportunities for additional learning, clarification, and feedback. S/he would gain coveted knowledge about non-profit programs that span from education and livelihood to healthcare & humanities. Interns will be encouraged to understand development, training programs designed for non-profit playersand strategic planning.

We at LDF firmly believe in freedom of thought and expression. For those who believe in sharing experiences, learning with an open mind and would like to contribute toward the larger interest, we would urge you to join us. Depending on your skills and preferences, we shall assign responsibilities in the various functions & projects.

Job Description
  • Assist LDF achieve maximum effectiveness in enhancing capacities across the country in partnerships with the past, current and future non-profit partners.
  • Assist LDF in program related research, documentation and dissemination.
  • Assist LDF in the management and execution of its various projects.
  • Assist LDF with data management and internal & external communication.
  • Attend staff and committee meetings.
  • Any other as determined by the Director.
  • Assist in the survey and baseline data collection for Integrated Development Program (IDP) at Alwar. Or,
  • Assist the Program Managers in the knowledge management of the Programs supported by LDF. The Program Managers are stationed at either Gurgaon/Alwar / Project Locations of Partner Non-profits. Or,
  • Work at the head office in Gurgaon in designing the strategic communication templates.
  • Research & Documentation- Development Economics: Primary & Secondary Research, field work with Partner NGOs of LDF.
  • Documentation: Community Needs’ Assessment, Preparation of Communication Materials and Dissemination workshops/conferences.
  • Business hours for LDF are 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.on Monday- Friday. Depending on the deliverables and nature of the sector, an intern may be expected to work beyond the mentioned timings.
Commitment required & logistics

Ideally, we would expect one to six month’s commitment from the intern. Accommodation & other logistics will be covered.

  • Qualifications in Management, Humanities, Social Sciences, Statistics and related streams are required.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Willingness and aptitude to learn, travel & live under rural conditions.
  • Pleasant manner, patience, problem-solving ability, dependability.
Selection Process
  • CVs Shortlisting.
  • Telephonic interview with the Program Manager, LetzDream Foundation.
  • Video conferencing/Skype interview with the Director, LetzDream Foundation.

Best in the sector and commensurate to the nature of the assignment. The stipend amount will depend on the intern's background, experience, field of interest and the nature of engagement.

How to Apply

Send in your resume along with a cover letter & photograph to info@letzdream.org, specifying two references, your skill sets, and area of interest.

Or, You can fill the form below to submit your resume.

Career : Job


Why LDF?

LDF's core value is to achieve social development through collective action reflected in our work culture. We encourage our employees to render quality work as a cohesive team and create a conducive environment to share and work on their innovative ideas. In order to enhance bonding, our new employees are oriented to the company's work culture through a customized induction program and in-house training; and encouraged to engage in direct discussions with experts from the social and other sectors.

We endeavour to create a dynamic workforce and give due recognition to performing members. LDF believes in the abilities of its staff to achieve excellence and aims to set high standards of performance within the organization.

Currently there are no vacancies available. However, you can email your resume to info@letzdream.org. Relevant applications will be considered and you will be contacted when there are vacancies.

Or, You can fill the form below to submit your resume.

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